Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Where is He?"

"Where is He?"
is the title of my latest journal.


 Several of the laces and fabrics which I recently dyed
with our Loganberries have been incorporated
into this book -

 some found jewellery attaches to the closure,

and a felted pocket graces the inside cover.
Could He be "In a dragon fly?"


 "Within a teddy's love?"



 "At the Wedding?"


"Within the egg?"

 anywhere and everywhere!!!

 This journal is now living with a client in New Zealand!!

It is not often that we get the chance to see one of these
Cherry Blossoms in our gardens and seeing that it
only flowers for a short few weeks
I thought you might like to see this one growing in our garden
right now!


The sound of bees humming around me as I take these pics
is so deafening that it must surely testify to
a healthy environment - so blessed are we!
We try not to take these blessings for granted!!! 


 You too can celebrate Spring here with us 
through these pictures as many of you
are now witnessing the falling of
leaves in true Autumnal
shades and colours!

xox Suzy


  1. Suzy, one of your most beautiful works, I do believe. The cherry blossoms are lovely, though fleeting; here, the bees have been busy, preparing for winter. I like to stand at the various plans, listening, while they buzz 'round.

  2. Beautiful artwork, Suzy! I also love your cherry tree. Sadly, we had one, but a couple of years ago it was attacked by some weird bug that was killing all of the young cherry trees in our area. It broke my heart to have to cut it down. Thank you for sharing yours. Happy spring! XO Sue

  3. How beautiful to share this on a Sunday. It is a pure delight. So many beautiful pieces within. And nature's beauty within that Cherry tree. Our trees soon to have their leaves falling, reading us for winter. But has been a truly beautiful fall. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Breathless is my reaction to your most recent Lacilicious Book. Each page more gorgeous than the previous. Your Loganberry dyed fabrics add just the perfect touch of color.
    Spring has definitely arrived in your garden with this splendid Cherry tree blossoming so beautifully.
    Wonderful Week to you Dear...

  5. Hi Suzy~
    This may be my first time commenting,
    But I have peeked in to see your blog many times :)
    Your vintage books and creations are a treasure!!
    This one is no exception of course~
    It's gorgeous! and tells a wonderful story too.
    Love your amazing details and eclectic vintage style!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Karen O (in CO)

  6. So beautiful and inspiring! It is works like yours that have inspired me to start creating books of my own and I hope to take your class very soon. I know it will be great!

  7. Beautiful smokey colors and a lovely mix of lace and image. Pretty blossom, so frothy not unlike your creations!

  8. What an uplifting journal. The message is received. Love it.

    Love your blossoms, enjoy your Spring. xxoo Rhonda

  9. Suzy, the theme of that journal is inspired!!

  10. Suzy, another truly beautiful book from you and the loganberry dyeing looks amazing. The work of a true artist. What a joy to have that beautiful tree in your garden and another wonderful testimony of nature's beauty.

  11. Hello dear Suzy
    Wonderful book for a lucky one!
    Your tree is marvellous, and it's a pleasure to think that somewhere on the earth, the spring is coming!
    Hugs and kisses

  12. What a great book ,It's wonderful and a real success .The textures go good together .You are so lucky to have your work exhibited so everyone can see it and love it .Your old Mate Vivienne

  13. Hi Suzy! This book is luscious and deep, full of beauty and spirituality. A very lucky reader must be thrilled to hold it. So fun to see your beautiful work.

  14. I'm dying over the dyeing ... just remarkable colors. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh - and I love the theme of the book, too.

    Springtime is my favorite time of year - and I love living it through you.

    Happy budding!

  15. Love the book and the cherry blossoms. Your photographic style for your artwork is amazing. Everything looks delicious. I've watched most of the class videos and will be rewatching them this week and then make my first book. You are quite the inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Loved the pictures . Just beautiful! Love your work !! Hugs ❤️❤️❤️
    Cathy Thompson

  17. Wow, what a great and wonderful artwork! It must be an especially luck to have such an unique book...
    Marvellous blossoms - enjoy your springtime :-)
    (With us in Germany the summer is over just)

  18. I don't know which is more beautiful - your book or those cherry blossoms!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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