Friday, November 5, 2010

Heaven Scent

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I just had to share these pics as our abundant rainfall over the past 3 months has produced these most abundant roses in our garden. I don't think our Spring roses have ever looked quite as stunning in fullness and colour. If only I could share their fragrances!  Double click for an expanded view!


  1. Oh Heavenly roses.I bet the perfume is so heady!!
    Just Joey is a glorious rose when grown well as yours are. Yes the rain has been fabulous for us over here too. The gardens everywhere look so lush.
    I have a small vase full of Gold Bunny, and the perfume is filling the whole kitchen..(swoon).

  2. I want to come and live in your garden! I would be in heaven. You must have the most marvelous green thumb!

  3. Your garden is gorgeous! And I'm not just saying that because it's our grey season here.......I can imagine the wonderful scent filling the air!

  4. was just thinking today whilst eating my lunch, how the garden must be picture perfect and then here are the perfect pictures

    missing you and wishing I was there to share it all
    with you!

  5. First Shane and now you. What is it about the roses this year. They are unbelievable and I am sure will provide inspiration for future pages from you. Your garden is incredible. Don't Lady Cherie and Miss Lilly trample the beds. xox Corrine

  6. It would be very inspiring to look out of my sunroom window and see such a beautiful array of color. We are into our late fall season and have orange and browns as our backdrop. Hope we can look forward to such a spring as yours.

  7. Such beauty!It is a blessings to grow such a garden! And yes...please email me.


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