Friday, November 26, 2010

Pierre de Ronsard

From this gorgeous display of Pierre de Ronsard climbing all over this fence at the entrance into our front garden has come this:
beautiful bowl full of dried but fully formed
rose buds all by themselves without
human intervention.  First they were rained on
and then the hot sun came out and
totally dried them.  There is still some evidence of their soft pink shade left.  They almost look like they have been made with paper.  How can we possibly compete with the hands of nature!
Hope you all have a restful and peaceful weekend!


  1. Hi Suzy, poor roses!!Ours got frizzled in the sun too. Pierre de Ronsard is a delicate rose, but I must say the fragile nature of them now is lovely.What a wonderful subject for a Still Life- or Art Quilt.

  2. Judy they are truely delightful - they look like paper roses completely formed! Guess what?
    Wallhanging all finnnnnnnisssssshhhhhheeeeeddddd.!

  3. What a gorgeous Rose Bush you have... even the scorched flowers look beautiful! Here in Arizona the climate can be harsh for many flowers but Roses tend to do well in spite of the brutal heat... at least some varieties survive and thrive. I plan to Post some photos in the next few days of some lovely Rose Bushes at a favorite Restaurant I frequent... her Roses have been magnificent and the aroma wafting through the air around them is divine!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. How can you complete with Nature, so true, your garden is like a magical paradise constantly offering gifts. Here it is raining and cold, so I shall picture your roses to keep me warm. Thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

  5. Both are just lovely. I was going to say how sad to loose them off the arch but but you have allowed them to cary on in their dried state simply because you can appreciate beauty in their decay.

    Thanks for your sweet comment ;)

  6. Hello from Michigan. Oh, how I love roses. I have many in my gardens. These roses are such a lovely shade of pink. I could not believe what the sun did to them. I have never seen this before. BUT they look lovely in their new state and which you can enjoy for a long time. Hugs Judy

  7. They were gorgeous on the vine and are equally as gorgeous in the bowl, even if they are brownish and frizzled!!! I can see a future creation.....

  8. They look like tissue paper. Love how nature does it's thing.

  9. Oh your dried roses are so beautiful. I love to dry roses and I have them in vases in several rooms of my home. I think they have such a unique quality to them. Happy weekend...

  10. Suzi, I love them as much dried as I do fresh. I dry all my roses all Summer long. They are too beautiful to just toss away.
    Yours are amazing!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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