Sunday, November 14, 2010

My First Giveaway

I made a promise to myself that if the seemingly impossible ever happened, i.e. reaching the milestone of 100 followers, that I would have to have a GIVEAWAY  in the style of a Lucky Dip.  If you wish to be in the running to win you will need to leave a comment here telling me why you like my blog and whether there is anything you would like to see more of.
The closing date for these comments will be WEDNESDAY, 24TH NOVEMBER.
On the final day your name will be placed in a hat and I shall ask Maggie, my dear friend and next door neighbour, or her black Jack poodle to draw the winning name. SO STAY TUNED!

There is a variety of textured fabrics, including, silk velvet, silks, rayon, sheers and lace
in olives, maroon, purple and pinks.

Gold brocade, cotton, printed satin, green satin and silk with guipure and some hand dyed doilies -

Some doilies, including cut lace, vintage ric rac plus a "shabby chic" needlebook
which I made from a cotton lacey vintage blouse, rusted silk, silk tops
printed cotton and black lace.

A close up of the needlebook with a heart for


  1. Wonderful giveaway, the needlebook looks fantastic and so do the fabrics, I love your blog because you make wonderful and colorful things, and your creativity is very inspiring.

  2. Such a wonderful giveaway and i might do the same when i get to 100 i have my eye on your wonderful needlebook, your works so inspire me.....would love to see even more vintage stuff x good luck to everyone who enters x

  3. What a lovely giveaway.I love your blog, I love the title and all your creations.They are unique and precious.

    Thanks to you as well for inspiring people like me to try new things.

    My Birthday is Thanksgiving day would love to win,lol.Happy Sunday to you!

  4. As a regular reader of this blog I always find so much of interest. Of course the lovely fabrics and yarns, the vintage laces & linens, the way you turn these things into beautiful objects and the way you share it all here.

    I also really enjoy the pics of your garden and other aspects of your life.

    Most of all I like the cheerful positive tone of this beautiful blog.

  5. O, what generosity! Please count me in as I love the richness of your blog, your journals inspire me to become more delicate & lacey. I'd like to see more of your lovely work ending up as collage/framed pieces & your inspiration behind your work. (you did ask! ;)

    I'm thinking of a double giveaway for my blogaversary & 100th post!

  6. It's a wonderful give away !
    I love all your work, it's a great work ...
    I love visit your blog and discovered all your
    journal with the beautiful fabrics.
    I don't speak english very well so it's difficult to say all I wanted but for me you are a big source for my inspiration.
    I hope win your give away for receive a little of your talent !
    I hope, I hope ...

  7. Oww how sweet is that !!
    I would love to get this giveaway because it inspires my to make mini albums with fabrics instead of paper!
    Always nice to see on your blog what you've created ;-)

  8. I am not surprized at your popularity or your number of followers. Your work speaks for itself. The appeal is similar to walking into a confectioner's shop and looking at all the wonderful shapes and colors on the shelf. Your mouth begins to water, just thinking about all the delicious treats.

  9. Suz, it works both ways! We're richer for having met you too!
    Warm hugs,

  10. Such an awesome give away Suzi! Please count me in!! You are an inspiration to us all! So glad to know you and your heart for art my friend..

  11. Wow! You have outdone yourself with this giveaway!! Since this is the first time that I have seen your blog, I am drawn to the richness of colour, how nicely organized it is and how creative you are! (I just looked up at Emma's comments and she noticed the richness too - so it is obvious!) Thanks for your generosity and I have signed up to be a follower (#112).

  12. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! And what a wonderful giveaway, with lush fabrics, laces and one of your creations! Wow!
    I love your choices of fabrics and colours, and the rich, luscious creations that result. You provides beautiful eye candy and much inspiration. Your blog posts fill my well with creativity, with possibilities, with richness and colour. Thank you.

  13. I just found your blog and love many things about it. Most of all, I admire your journal pages - the opulent look with luscious materials, bold combinations of colours and so many interesting little details. Would love to know more about your inspirations for individual pages.

    Thanks for a chance at your great giveaway

  14. I just love to visit your blog...the beautiful rich fabrics and fibers you use are gorgeous. I love the books that you have made. I would love to get my hands on more of this type of fabric to use myself. As far as what I'd like to see more of...well, I so enjoy what you do, just keep it coming!
    Lovely bunch of pretties you are giving away. Congrats on your 100 followers!
    Hugs, Sue K

  15. Why do I like your blog? Let me count the ways! Above all I would have to say your sense of colour is such an inspiration. Your work is always a joy to view (and drool over). I marvel at the layers of interest your pieces have - but above all, it's the wonderful colours you use!!

  16. Fantastic giveaway! Please, please, please enter my name. What beautiful fabrics and love the needlecase. I enjoy your blog because of your gorgeous rich creations. You are a true talent and inspiration! I look forward to each post and wouldn't change a thing about your blog. Take care, Connie

  17. Hello Suziqu,

    Your giveaway is very generous and kind. I discovered your blog through looking at blogs who create Journal pages. I love your great imagination at creating them. I love all the vintage laces and embellishment you use on them. I would love to see you create a tutorial on how you create your Journal books. I also absolutely LOVE your garden photos especially your roses.

  18. I would have to agree with Dian about your blog. As a fairly new follower, I am enjoying your fabric work immensely and find it very inspirational. Congrats on reaching 100 followers and thanks for having such a lovely giveaway....count me in! Have a great day.


  19. I love your passion for colour
    I love your feel for texture
    I love your love of vintage

  20. I am a fan of your beautiful blog as well, your work is so inspiring and amazing..Looking into your work is akin to going on a magic journey you are so creative and talented.. Your giveaway is so generous yes count me in too.

  21. I signed onto your blog cause you left a comment on my blog one day. I like your colors and eye candy.... nothing there that I am capable of matching, just enjoy the time here.
    <3 your blog,

  22. Wow fantastic to be included in your giveaway ....I love your blog because of your inspiring use of colour and texture which you use in a sumptuous way ....More and more of it please ..xx

  23. I regularly read your blog, love the colour and diversity in it. Wonderful give away, those fabrics are to die for.

  24. Congratulations on 100 followers-I'm not there yet. I love the sumptious look of your things. They are very inspiring to me.

  25. For me, your blog is so appealing because of your ability to combine both vintage and color. It is a dance for the eye to behold and so inspiring. Thank you for such a nice blog and a wonderful giveaway.

  26. The bold use of textures, colors and layering of beauty upon beauty... very Bohemian, which is what I am drawn to... and it's what I love and admire most about your work and seeing what you've created in your Blog. It is truly a Feast for the eyes... congrats on reaching the 100 follower mark... I'm SO glad to have found your Blog and be so inspired by another Fabric Artist.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  27. Well Suzi I hate to tell you this but I don't like your blog.... I LOVE IT!!!!!! I love all your color choices, your textures, your wonderful combination's, but most of all your friendship. I feel like we dance to the same tune. I learn so much from you and when I read your blog it sparks the old creative juices. Thank you for everything. I am very slowly recouping from that flu shot. I am amazed at what it has done to me. I really tire easily. Drs. say I am almost there. I just look at them and say "Where?" LOL can't wait to be hiking again soon. Thanks for dropping by, it ment a lot. Sharon

  28. did try to send a comment earlier, not sure if it got through. please include me in your giveaway.. love your colours,like jewels in a my spare time i'm knitting jumpers for aids babies and they look like jewels in the basket as well.keeping my fingers crossed and congratulations on your 100th follower. hugs Pam in Oz

  29. Well, you know I had to comment Suzy! I ALWAYS enjoy my visits to your blog to see your latest "textures". The colours are always so luscious - makes me want to jump into the screen to touch those wonderful fabrics. Your needlebooks are lovely - I think I just may need to get one down the road now that I'm doing more hand work. Have you thought about doing a video workshop for a smaller item??!! Keep the projects coming - am looking forward to the next installment of your journal pages...

  30. What a fabulous giveaway! I do love your blog. full of colour and heaps of interest. Keep up your beautiful work.

  31. votre site est superbe comme vos realisations bravoooo

  32. Oh my, I came back just in time...more photos of everything, your sumptuous work, your magical gardens and the pup companions.
    Please count me in. xox Corrine

  33. Why do I like your blog? Because I am Crazy over Crazy Quilting and I love looking at all your beautiful work. I have not been following long but I have loved every minute of it.

  34. Hi,
    Many happy wishes on reaching 100 followers! and truly that is not a surprize as your work is delicate and rich with colour all at the same time. That is what I like the best ... the richness and the beautiful images that you produce. It has been a real pleasure and joy to meet you through our blogs!
    Very best wishes,

  35. Hi Suxie
    thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.I adore your favric art...just love all the colours and textures....amazing.The goats and the roses are awesome too LOL.I wish I could sit(or stand)and watch you create.

  36. How have I not found your blog before? No idea, but am so pleased I have now, your work is sumptious, just delish and you use such rich colours but with obvious soul.
    Ive become a follower and have topped up my coffee mug and am about to browse back through posts.
    Im recovering from a chest infection and its the first time Ive been clothed for 4 days, what a blissful way to re-enter the day to day by looking at your skills!
    Its Lizzie Siddell isnt it on the journal page,what a stunning page that is too, just beautiful.

  37. Such a wonderful giveaway!!!! I love you works you are so talented! You inspire me!

  38. Love your blog and all the wonderful things you create!!! YOU inspire me soooo very much!!

    Please count me in with the rest to win
    this very special Giveaway!!

    Thank you Suzy!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  39. Hi Suzi, Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog for a visit - it gave me the chance to discover yours. I instantly knew I was going to love it as your header reached out and pulled me in with the brilliant oolors. I've got the coffee on and plan on sitting here for the next hour or so reading through all your past blogs and veiwing on the wonderful eye candy you have created. Congratulations on your 100th follower - I will be sure to add you to my list.

    Another fan from the USA

  40. Hi Suzi,your blog is a real feast for the eyes and I feel like I'm transported to an exotic ancient bazaar where you just don't know what treasures you'll find next. Your creations are luscious and so rich in colour. You just want to see them in real life and touch them. I'm always amazed by what comes out of your stash, it must be a real treasure trove.

    I also enjoy reading about your day to day life and love the photos of your garden - those roses are beautiful.

    What a wonderful giveaway. Congratulations on having over 100 followers.

  41. Your blog is the source of the richest eye candy around. I loved it from the first day of discovery and your work is stunning. Please enter me in your generous giveaway..the kind a crazy quilter dreams of winning. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Keep creating!

  42. Please enter me!
    The reason I often visit your blog is because the things you make are so full of rich depth, I only wish I could 'fondle' them, they look so 'feelie, touchy'. It's wonderful how you manage to combine so many different textures and colours and always come up with something artistic and so very interesting to look at.
    I always look forward to seeing your inspiring work, and look forward too, to seeing more of it in the future.
    Many thanks

  43. What a fantastic Giveaway. Thanks for stopping by me so I found your wonderful blog :)
    Have a nice time
    Hugs Alexandra

  44. lovely giveaway! and a wonderful blog! looks like I just made it! : )


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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