Friday, March 27, 2015

A Fabric Lacebook/Journal Request for a Best Friend

There are sometimes in your life when you know you have been
gifted when asked to fulfill a wish for someone
whom you have never met
this was the case when a woman emailed me that her
best friend was dying of cancer
she wanted me to create a
special book as a surprise for her
 (knowing she was an admirer of my artwork) 
so that it would be
a place where they could share some precious thoughts
and memories.
I just call it "Journal for a Special Friend".

 Front Cover shown above.



Part of the spine

the journal closed with sari ribbons,

inside cover and first page,


second pages showing room for shared thoughts, pictures, etc.



 the pages continue as above
but you can see the order in which embellished images appear.



This shows the side view of all the pages included.


It holds three signatures


and view of the covered spine here

and, of course, I couldn't ignore the fact that these
two women are "best friends".
and also to acknowledge this I included the tag below for 
the woman who requested the commission

  and one for her very close friend also which will live in the journal.
(and, for some reason, when I was preparing this post
I couldn't separate these last two images and
my heart skipped a beat!!!).

I feel deeply honored that I was given the privilege of being
able to share in such a meaningful interaction
between these two women
whom wanted to express their immense love and gratitude
for the years of friendship that they have shared
have left together. 

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Every day is a precious day 
that we have the choice to make meaningful
and to show our appreciation for what matters in reality!

Thank you all for your visits and for taking the time
to leave a comment. It is so appreciated!

Love and hugs, Suzy xox


  1. Gulp..sniff..this must have been a lovely project to work on for those good friends.Their friendship must be a very special one.

  2. Dearest Suzy ~ I believe this is one of the most beautiful journals you have made, if not the most beautiful. It is made with love and tenderness and touches my heart. I know the two 'best friends' hearts will be touched also. May they feel God's love and peace surrounding them at this time.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh this is so lovely, both to look at and the love to be shared.
    Suzi,you have excelled with this one!
    May the Best Friends both enjoy the sentiments and link with this journal. xxx

  4. Oh dear Suzi, everything about this book just takes my breath away. It is so very special with the most beautiful images and layers, and it was made from love to celebrate love and friendship. So very touching.

  5. Dear Suzy, what a beautiful lacebook. Every detail has so much meaning and will be cherished by the two women who are best friends. You are part of this beautiful memory in creating this gorgeous treasure.
    I know you are honored and blessed by designing this. We never know how our work will touch another's heart in some way.
    It is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Such a beautiful gift you've created for this lady and her friend!

  7. Dear Suzy

    This is so beautiful and just choked me up thinking of her friend giving it to her and what she will think as she goes through each page.

    What a wonderful thing for a friend to do.


  8. Oh Suzy, you did a wonderful way of making this so special. It's soothing to page thru something this beautiful with all the wonderful images and the softness and beauty of laces, textures and fun things you have used to complete this. Yes you were honored. It's a tough go dealing with cancer, day by day the hurt of lingering, your mind seeks peace and races with wonderful memories. But you try to remain strong for the one you love. Thanks for sharing, it is an awakening...we all take too much for granted.

  9. Hi Suzi, I've been away from blogging for some time now but am so happy to have come back to once again awe at your beautiful creations. This is by far one of my most favorites of your work - you can see you created it from the heart and I know it will mean the world to the recipient.

    This year marks the 50th year for my best friend in all the world - we met at 13 and have lived close to 2,000 apart since we were 17 - we see each other often and travel together. You've given me the inspiration as to what to make for her as a gift of our friendship - thank you for inspiring us all and sharing all that you do.
    Nicki Lee


  10. The journal is wonderful and I know the gal that receives it will be thrilled

  11. Oh, Suzy, what a sweet compliment to you and what a cherished gift this will be. My eyes are leaking. These two friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Such a special piece. Love, love. Best best friends. xox

  13. Dearest Suzy,-
    your work of art is stunning, and the thoughts of love, behind it shows through your pages of beauty.
    So rich in every way, ...colours, materials, and images, all makes this book, to something very special!!
    Your costumer, knew in her heart ,that she would get something extraordinaire ,to gift her dear friend, -she is going to loose. I hope time will allowe her to fill it, with her memories and thoughts while she is still here.
    Love to you, dear friend, from Dorthe

  14. Sweet, Sweet Suzy, what an honor for you to create this beautiful treasure. I love you, Nancy

  15. What a beautiful story and book! You are a master at beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing yourself with others!

  16. Dear Suzy,
    This book is absolutely breathtaking!! This will be such a treasure for this best friends.
    It makes me sad to think they have to part. May God give them strength.
    Suzy, it is amazing how your own loving heart showes in this wonderful creation. It touches my heart.
    I think it is the most beautiful book you made.
    It's also very inspiring.
    Thank you so much for sharing !!

    Many Hugs, dear friend,

  17. Having just lost a friend to the evilness of cancer I think this book is extra special and will be cherished by both friends. You of course are the fabric journal maker extraordinaire and always will be dearest Suzy. How lucky to be a part of this marvelous gift from one beloved friend to another. Thanks for your visit and kudos you left for me.
    Love and hugs

  18. Suzy, You are such a wonderful, sensitive artist! You have created such a special gift that bonds you with the friends, too. It brings tears to see what a gorgeous and sumptuous book you have made, invested with all your care and love on behalf of a deep friendship that is going through this sadness.

  19. So beautiful, Suzy, the lace book as well as your heart! and the hearts of dear friends. I know you were thinking of your dear friend who passed away while you worked on this for the gal who contacted you. such a wonderful part of life, that dear close friends can still love and care for one another even beyond death...
    hugs to you,

  20. This is truly a work of the loveliest art dear Suzy! I can see that you put your heart and soul into this, like you do with everything you create. I know that when the giver hands it to her friend there will be tears. A special gift from a special friend to hold and cherish. It must have been a joy for you to work on this commission, knowing that you were making something that would be loved.
    sending love to you sweet friend...

  21. Suzy this is a true honor you have been part of. You have created a beautiful lasting gift. Best Friends and making memories...may they never part. Blessings...

  22. Such a lovely book, a real 'worthy' creation.

  23. There are tears here Suzy, and no words that are adequate.

  24. The story touched my heart and although it made me so sad it also made me smile at such a strong friendship. The journal is simply beautiful, and I can imagine the joy both friends will feel when filling it with memories and thoughts. Stunning work, Suzy.

  25. Feel honored to create something so beautiful for a beautiful woman.

    I hope she has enough life left in her to enjoy this thoroughly because it is BEAUTIFUL.


  26. such a beautiful journal you have created for a special friendship. I am sure that the recipients will be delighted and enjoy putting their memories and photographs in your work of art.

  27. Wow...a bit of Heaven made by your hands for the dear woman who has cancer. What a treasured gift you have made for the two best friends.

  28. Absolutely what a wonderful interaction and to be placed in a position as an artist to uplift others in a time of such transition... so beautifully done.. Bravo! xoxo

  29. Dear Suzy,

    There is no more suffering. You made her last days very happy. Thank you

  30. How much beautiful collection, I like so much.

  31. You have created a beautiful lasting gift. thanks for your awesome creations.

  32. just found your page again its just beautiful love love your work you r a true artist


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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