Saturday, March 21, 2015

French Themed Holy Cards

Just finished are two collaged cards
using a couple of French Holy Cards as my theme
for Easter.


 The first one above is the larger of the two
and translates as "Sheltered by the Cross"
(correct me if I am wrong!)

and this second one is
"Salvator Mundi" 
(Saviour of the World).

These cards would,  I feel sure, appeal
to anyone who loves French holy cards

 they can be viewed with all the details of my workings
and materials that I used
 in my Etsy shop.


Thank you always for visiting and the lovely
comments you inspire me with!

Have a lovely, restful, enjoyable and creative weekend
as you experience the coming of Spring bringing
the warmth of sunshine or the softness
felt in the changing of the light
as we head towards
Autumn here in Australia -
it makes you feel happy to be alive!

Warm hugs xox Suzy


  1. Stunning, Suzy! They are absolutely beautiful and people will love them not just for Easter. They'll look just wonderful as part of a religious vignette. xxx
    I finally managed to get into my craftavan and unpack my craftacase, lol!

  2. It was time I came visiting again, dear Suzy. I learned from Dorthe that I missed your birthday. Shame on me!!! I have been busy at home, at work and for my family that I missed a lot in blogland lately. I am so sorry...
    But now I am here I might as well tell you how much I admire your beautiful Easter Cards. They are awesome. They really carry the spirit of Easter! They are not easy-going like butterflies but speak of the pure meaning of this holiday. I love the materials and images you used. But that's nothing new! You are an artist, sweet Suzy, and I admire your work!
    Have a beautiful spring (no, in your case autumn) weekend...
    Hugs from Manu

  3. Dear Suzy,
    Such very beautiful cards ,you have created again, with some of the most beautiful examples of the French Holy cards , used so lovely, ,surrounding them with your amazing old laces, and wonderful fabrics. I love both the one in low colours and the dear Jesus child, (which I think I have saved once ,myself) ,-with the red,brown tones !
    Thank you for your spring wishes, I can sooo use them here today, where it is both snowing ,storming and soooo cold !!
    Warm hugs and love from Dorthe

  4. Spring is always welcome, but never more than this year I think. Winter has been a very long and drawn-out affair and we're more than ready to see it leave. Good thing there has been so many beautiful things to look at here to help take my mind off the dreary outside view!

  5. They are very beautiful Suzy, lovely combinations of texture and colour.
    Hugs Kay

  6. Stunning as always, dear Suzy:)
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs and love,

  7. Suzy, I just love how you use bits and pieces to create such beautiful masterpieces. Splendid!


  8. Precious! Everything you do, Suzy, is soulful and beautiful. I love everything. Blessings

  9. Oh you have brightened a dark and gloomy Sunday for me. These are just precious. Love your images and all the fun layers. I always treasure seeing your Holy Cards. They were a thing we were rewarded for in class for many different things. Have a fun Sunday.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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